The Lisbjerg Stairs – 24 steps on the way

Temporary exhibition on show until the 25th of March 2017

The museum’s present exhibition ”The Lisbjerg Stairs – 24 steps on the way” deals with the artistic process. In 24 showcases the sculptor Sophus Ejler Jepsen (born 1971) invites the spectator to join him in his research as he gradually decides on the shape and character of the organic concrete staircase he will be building for the playground of the Lisbjerg School. It will be built on the slope from the kindergarten to the slightly older children’s playground.

Lisbjerg is to be a big, new town north-west of Århus, cultural capitol of Europe 2017. Some of the most obvious landmarks are the old churches. The church of Lisbjerg has a very special feature – a golden alter dated 1135 covered in Viking ornaments – often knot-inspired rather art nouveau like wavy decorations. In the same artistic tradition as the decorations Niels Hansen Jacobsen used at the turn of the century 1900 when carving tombstones out of locally found rocks left there during the ice age.

“The Lisbjerg Stairs” will be a synthesis of many different sources of inspiration, and the exhibition gives the spectator a chance to look into the mind of the artist and try to track the phases of artistic creativity.