From the Phønix fire to the Vejen Moors

The pictorial world of bookseller Anders Bruun-Møller

Advent calendar exhibition 2018, from December 1st to spring 2019

When the Vejen Art Museum opens this year’s advent calendar, it reveals a wealth of impressions, stories and landscapes intimately connected with this area in the previous century.

Anders Bruun-Møller (1911-1989) ran his bookshop in the centre of Vejen and painted in his spare time. He also looked after our art museum. He was related to the troll sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen, who was his mother’s uncle. Bruun-Møller and his parents were actively involved in maintaining the museum so that we can still open our doors to you and welcome you to this experimental pictorial workshop in the retrospective exhibition of Anders Bruun-Møller’s lifelong involvement with pictures/art(?).

His pictures are influenced by dramatic incidents such as a fire at the Phønix roofing factory but also by the deep, calm colours of endless absorption on Vejen Moor, while the seasons change and the stars wheel above.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to investigate Anders Bruun-Møller’s wide variety of techniques such as watercolours, collage, frottage, and appliqué. But the main focus is the colours and the special light he experienced on the moor.

“When I am on the moors for hours on end and start to paint, I don’t think about the end result, because I am totally immersed in the act of painting and capturing the right colours.”

Sometimes after having spent a whole day on the moors and maybe painted eight pictures, he could come home and throw seven of them out after critical appraisal.



The Phønix fire


Translation: Jeremy Watts